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Why Should I consider Promotional Products

Promotional products maximize your exposure while providing a lasting impression. When done well, personalized products leave a prospective client with that WOW feeling while presenting an opportunity to communicate your vision. Giving a nice gift to a client will also cause them to feel appreciated and raise the probability of their loyalty to your organization. Promotional Products are not just for trade shows. Since just about any item can be embossed, silk-screened or custom manufactured with a logo, it is worth taking a look at all of your regular purchases and see what could be personalized. Packaging and office products you order regularly can often present logos and messages without any significant cost increase. You spend a lot time and energy developing your brand. Use imprinted items to insure your clients see the value of your products and services while keeping your name consistently in front of them. When a clients takes a drink, why not let it be from a travel mug with your logo on it. Pens are an inexpensive way to distribute your name and good will throughout your business community. Consider having high quality writing instruments to present to your best clients and prospects. Even a five, ten or twenty dollar investment can engender good will that pays off in brand recognition and loyalty. The next time your best clients need a service your provide, who's website will be easy to find on their favorite writing instrument or mug? We are happy to watch for special pricing that can reduce the costs of your project or campaign. We pride ourselves in always searching for the best products for our business partners. Keep in mind; customer giveaways that are functional and keep your logo in the customers view will add value to your relationship and leave a lasting impression. It is also important to utilize high quality items in order to best represent you dedication to provide the very best to your business partners. The bottom line is this; your name on your products will raise the level of professionalism. Yes it's true, thoughtful use of your imprint on high quality gifts will open doors and keep them open.

Making Promotional Products Work for You!

Although many organizations use promotional products, only a small percentage uses them to their full potential. You can attend a trade show or conference and leave with bags of items, pens, trinkets, and novelties and never give a serious thought to the companies whose names are imprinted one those items. You should avoid the trap of purchasing items that have no value or leave no lasting impression. Here are some ideas to help you make the best imprinted product choices. Here are four considerations that will make your imprinted products efficient and effective. Give people something they want! Choose great values rather than cheep products! Give adequate attention to design detail! Choose quality over quantity! 1. Give people something that they want and need! I often leave a trade-show or conference with fifteen lanyards, hundreds of stickers, folders, and other stuff I don't need and will never use. There is even an acronym to describe this stuff, SWAG (Stuff We All Get). There is within that name an expectation of receiving generic junk which is far too often reality. It is ineffective and wasteful to randomly hand out useless items. Your best option is to choose promotional products people are going to use every day. Sticky pads, note pads, drink-ware, and pens are the most effective promotional products for most businesses. People need them, use them daily, and they are relatively inexpensive. Unless you have something very unique that people will use very often, or you have a budget that allows you to purchase really cool promo products like USB memory cards, MP3 players or leather jackets, go with pens, notepads, travel mugs and sticky pads. Be creative in your thought process. What is a person likely to be doing when they will need my services? If you sell business supplies, a desk item like a sticky note pad or a nice writing instrument keeps your name at just the right place. If you sell plumbing services or supplies, you want a promotional product that will stay close to the phone or in the kitchen were families talk about fixing leaky faucets. In that case a creative idea might be a canister or some form of drink-ware. Sticky-notes or writing pads lined with ‘to-do' lists are also good ideas. If you sell printers and copiers attach a sticker or magnet so you will be the first one called for additional supplies. Is your business web based? A product that stays close to the computer like a mouse pad, USB port, or even a mouse can be the perfect choice. Well, I hope you get the idea, think about your customer's habits as you choose your products. 2. Choose great values rather than cheap junk! It might seem that you are saving loads of money when you purchase 10,000 pens with your company logo on them for only $.19 each, but, you're actually flushing your hard earned cash. The first time your client rips through the sheet of paper while trying to get "your pen" (Yes it's got your name on it) to start writing, you've made the wrong impression. Pens that clog, leak, run out of ink quickly or generally look like crap are not helpful for brand building. The only thing cheep products do is cause your potential client to think of you at a very inopportune time or as they chuck your name in the trash bin. Like your employees, promotional products represent you. Make sure that people associate you with quality and value. You don't need to go out and buy $20 or $30 pen like a Cross or Shaeffer for every customer (If you sell very high-end products, this may not be a bad idea though), but make sure you get something that your customer wants to use. If someone was to give you a pen and they wanted you to remember them for it, would a plain white stick pen do the trick? Probably not. We are most likely to remember the worst and best experiences. It is worth the investment to avoid having your name associated with a ‘worst' experience. When you spend a little more and give a great product with your name on it, WOW is the initial feeling and gratitude lingers for weeks and months. Using pens as an example, you should buy and distribute the kind of pens that people will get upset about if they loose them. The kind that write well on most surfaces, that don't smear, and feel good in your hand. You want to provide the type of products that are better than what your customer is used to using. This way, when they look for a pen, they look for your pen first. 3. Give adequate attention to design detail! Like a good website, your brand and information on your promotional products should be organized professionally and be easily recognizable. One of the most common mistakes is trying to get too much information on a product. I understand that you like your vision statement but most products are not large enough for a logo, phone number website and three paragraphs of text. You can't even fit your entire address on most pens. Choosing the information you imprint on your product is at least as important as choosing the right product. In today's market, the most important information you can get on your product is your name (If possible with your logo) and a website address. Phone numbers and addresses usually are secondary. (Of course if you don't have a website your phone number moves to number two). If your logo is too complex or too large, try using just a portion of it to keep the message clear and uncluttered. If you give a notepad, you have more room for information but don't give in to the temptation to list all the players on your favorite sports team. A sticky notepad that is imprinted from edge to edge becomes extra trash at the bottom of your client's waste basket. One effective way to print on a notepad or sticky note is to print your company name and logo very lightly (screened 20-30%) in the center of the pad. You can utilize the bottom of the pad for your web address and phone number. Your message is then prominently placed on every sheet in a form that is not distracting and your client can utilize the entire product. Your imprint will only be as good as the artwork you provide. Use vector based logos for print projects. Hiring a graphic designer might be the first investment you need to make as you plan to use promotional products to their greatest potential. 4. Choose quality over quantity. As I stated earlier, 10,000 cheep pens are not nearly as effective as 100 quality writing instruments. With that being said, now I let's address to whom you should be giving imprinted promotional products. There are two basic groups you will be giving items to; current customers and those you hope to turn into customers. While bulk or random mailing of items can produce sales, we believe that targeted distribution is best. You might compare this to a shotgun verses a rifle approach. Not everyone is going to purchase from you, that's why targeting toward the most likely prospects is both frugal and wise. "Spamming," promotional products is not very effective unless your name recognition is already pretty high. Also keep in mind that attending smaller trade-shows or conferences can make you and your imprinted product stick out more. The larger the event he more likely you are to be forgotten. We have learned that a most effective way to give nice products is to personally hand them to your client or prospective client. This approach provides you the added advantage of giving a great smile and letting him or her know how much you would enjoy serving their needs. For those who are current customers, pay close attention to the types of items they purchase from you. A good strategy might be to send an item that keeps your phone number close to their phone. This is where travel mugs are a great marriage with our age of mobile phones. An early morning coffee in your branded travel mug places your information in your client's hand. When it is your primary strategy is to express gratitude, consider an imprint with just your logo and website or even the words, "Thank you!" While you need to always be increasing your customer base, your best prospects are most likely your current or past customers. Sending an imprinted product to a past customer is the gentlest of reminders that you appreciate them and hope they will return. Figuring out who you need to target may require some extra time on you and your staff's part. When you determine to purchase the correct high quality items with your information in a professional well though out design and then give them to the correct people, Promotional Products will work for you!